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1. Spirit Research : Want to participate in our research?  YES

2. Life Care Research: Want to participate in our research?  YES

3. Are you or someone you know pregnant?  YES

4. Are you or someone you know dying?  YES

5. Are you sick and tired of your life?  YES

6. Need help with a relationship?  YES

7. Need help with figuring out what the heck is going on in your life?  YES

8. Feel like you just need direction in area of your life?  YES

9. Want to accomplish something?  YES

10. Just want help but you want to do it on your own?   YES

11. Having problems with a pet?  YES

12. Have a pain that just won't go away?  YES

13. Have a problem that you just don't know who to go to, to get help?  YES

14. Just need an outsider to talk to about..?  YES

15. Just want to have your life change in just about every aspect?  YES

16. Need guidance in choosing a career?  YES