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     Dr. van Rossum began his search for the truth early in life, not knowing why or even knowing he was
on a search. He was born into a small town family with a protestant upbringing. In early times questions
arose about religious teachings that did not make sense, and there was wonderings of how could this be
true?  Life went on, graduation and then the U.S. Army. Away from the small town he saw the world
differently. He was free to think beyond what was expected in a small town and free to question. He also
found out to be careful or people will think you are weirdo. His definition of a weirdo is one who does not
accept everything they are told as truth to be true. He is still the same, questioning what is stated as truth.
This is his mission and destiny, to seek the truth, be sure it is true, and then share the truth with people
who are on the same mission, in search of their truth.

     Dr van Rossum has been a Psychic Medium all of his life. When born with such a gift one may not
know they have the gift, so it must be revealed. When and how the gift is revealed is a spiritual issue,
critical for the individual, the greater the gift the more challenging the route will be. Walking such a route
has been the journey of Dr. van Rossum. He has been on a very revealing route.

     He was born knowing things but did not know that he had this ability. The ability began to be revealed
and developed when he began the study to become a Chiropractor. During this time, he was introduced
to self hypnosis and what has come to be known as channeling in 1970.  He also became acquainted
with a Spiritualist Church, the Temple of Spiritual Wisdom in Los Angeles, California. The lady pastors,
all psychic mediums, saw his potential and he was ordained a Spiritual Healer. His ordination was not
planned, it came to him in 1972 while studying Chiropractic, both came to him, he was not in pursuit of
either, this is destiny in action.  As a spiritual healer in the Spiritualist Church he knew, but he did not
know other than what he should be doing, and this is strange in itself. People would stand in line and
wait, and they would leave wondering what just happened, stating I feel different and I feel good. All he
knew was that he was doing what he was supposed to be doing according to spirit. Looking back, in his
chiropractic practice people knew he did something different, they did not know what it was and could
not explain what they were feeling, it  was very healing.

     During this time he believed as a Christian. In 1989, long after he began spiritual healing in
1970,everything changed when he knew he had to believe what he was suppose to believe spiritually,
and not that of any religion. This is when his psychic doors and telepathic doors opened more. There is a
difference in knowing things, telepathic thought, and being a medium. He became a medium for the
realm of spirit. He listened to his telepathic thought and applied this to his chiropractic practice, and
soon knew more than he felt comfortable knowing about people. This is when he began to deliver this
message to them in relationship to their sickness versus wellness.

    The challenge of sickness versus wellness became his quest and challenge, why do people get sick?
How did their sickness relate to their spiritual view points? This was an eye opener. It soon became
obvious, what religion teaches and the truth is two different things. My suspicions I had in Sunday school
began to come clear. This is when I began my Independent Spiritual Research and Spiritual Studies.

     Dr. van Rossum is an independent spiritual researcher who developed a method to align body, mind,
and Spiritual Energy to the Cosmos in relationship to Spiritual Time. This allows the soul to "Set the
Record Straight" for previous lifetimes. Previous lifetimes have an affect on daily life, this is the issue, for
every human aberration and or condition there is a related spiritual issue to be addressed.
Stanley H. van Rossum, DC, PhD
Stanley H. van Rossum, DC, PhD

Independent Spirit Research, Ordained Spiritual Healer, Medium, Telepathic, Empathic,
Author, Teacher, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist.

AA degree: American River College, Sacramento, CA.
BA degree: New College of California, San Francisco, CA.
DC degree: Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Los Angeles, CA.
PhD degree: Donsbach University, Huntington Beach, CA.
     Cynthia is a Registered Nurse. She received her BNS in the early 80's from the College of Mount St.
Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a Nurse she has a plethora of experiences that include: hospital floor
nurse, home care RN, Chemical Dependency RN, Nurse Manager at two different Chemical
Dependency facilities, Medical Record Reviewer, Claims Reviewer, Insurance Administrator as a
Coordinator of Behavioral Health, Maternal Child Health / EPSDT and Dental, Utilization Review RN,
Concurrent Review RN, Case Manager RN, Interim Director of the Managed Care Department, and the
owner of Alternative Health Care business. I have been employed by Commercial Health Plans, Acute
and Long Term Care Plans,  Medicaid/ Medicare Plans, HMO, TPA, Workers Compensation,  and
Indian Health Services.

     She has also obtained a Level 2 Certification for Healing Touch through the Colorado Center for
Healing Touch, Inc.  Her most recent accomplishments have been obtaining certification as a Neuro
Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Master Life Coach from the American University of NLP.

     She has a deep interest in metaphysical studies and enjoys divining through Tarot cards, Playing
Cards, Astrology, and Numerology. One of her favorite subjects of study is life before and after death.
She also studies the psychological aspects of personality, behavior and body language.

     Cynthia has been on a personal quest for the past 30 plus years searching for the truth of life. This
search has led her on a path that has shaped who she is today.  She has experienced several life
changing events. The greatest experience of being a mother of five children, but also the most heart
breaking to loose contact with her children and the death of one of her daughters. Through these
experiences of life and others, she has learned several good lessons. The most important lesson is
everything you need, you have in yourself. The second lesson is life of full of challenges, problems or
opportunities.  The important issue is how you as an individual see, react and respond to those issues of

     With all this in mind, she has the conviction and experience to help others see these two lessons and
more, as well as being able to give them the support and guidance they need to determine and reach
their goals. She has discovered her strengths lie in organization, determining issues that need to be
addressed and the way to accomplish a resolution of those issues.  She is a very intuitive and  
compassionate person who is armed with tools and skills to help others to accomplish the more of life.
Cynthia A. van Rossum, BSN
Cynthia A. van Rossum, BSN

Independent Metaphysical Life Care Research, Metaphysical Life Care Coach,
Certified Master Life Coach,  Energy Worker, Intuitive,
Certified Neuro Linguistic Programmer Practitioner,
Registered Nurse

BSN: College of Mount St. Joseph, Cincinnati, OH
Level 2 Certification for Healing Touch, Colorado Center for Healing Touch, CO
Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Life Coach
from American University NLP
Dr. van Rossum together with Cynthia and the spiritual realm have established the
Two Rock Institute a Metaphysical Life Care and Research Institute.
The Institute was developed for the Care, Repair and Education for the Human Condition.
It has evolved from two journeys of life with a combined 70 plus years of
the above experiences, lessons and education of life as well as
the guidance and direction of the spiritual realm.      
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